Flat solar collectors

Flat plate solar collectors have a large glass surface and a large absorber. In full sunshine, their power output is high. They utilize most of the solar energy that reaches their surface.

The materials used guarantee a long service life and stable parameters of the collectors. All models are equipped with an anodized aluminum frame and a copper absorber with a long-life absorption layer (carried out by vacuum deposition).

The absorption layer of these collectors has a highly selective surface. Its ability to absorb solar radiation is high but its heat dissipation (heat loss by dissipation) is very low.

Solar tempered glass in all models is highly shatterresistant and permeable for solar radiation. KPW1 model uses solar antireflection glass that represents the best in solar glasses. A special coating on both sides of the glass eliminates reflections of solar radiation and the absorber receives more solar radiation.

Thermal insulation limits the collector’s thermal loss and increases its efficiency. The thickness of the mineral wool insulation is between 2 and 6 cm depending on the model. 

Regulus solar collectors are certified by an independent Test Lab according to the latest European standard EN 12975-2. This standard involves among others also measurement of the output and efficiency, of mechanical resistance incl. hail resistance and long-term weather resistance.

The right collector should be selected depending on your application – for heating DHW, heating a pool, or as additional heating to your low-energy house. Collectors of better parameters will enable you utilizing solar energy even under unfavorable conditions, in the spring and autumn.

KPG1 solar collector

 Instalation and Operational Manual for Systems with KPG1-ALC Collectors

 Installation and Operational Manual for Systems with KPC1 Collectors

 Installation and Operational Manual for Systems with KPS11 Collectors

 Installation and Operation Manual for a Solar System with KPA1 ALP Collectors

KPG1 is a new, advanced collector designed for high efficiency and performance while maintaining reasonable price.  it is manufactured on a robotized production line with minimum of human labor. The new bonding technology without frame brings an elegant design and a large surface area for solar energy reception.

Collector KPG1

  • Vertical as well as horizontal installation possible
  • Favorable price/performance ratio thanks to robotized production
  • Harp absorber made of copper pipes with laser-welded aluminum sheet, with highly selective Eta plus surface
  • Large aperture and collector area compared to the total collector area
  • Low hydraulic resistance = low circulation pump power consumption
  • Enables parallel connection of collectors into large arrays
  • Solar Keymark certified collector
  • Elegant frameless design
  • Installation possible only in a vertical position
  • Absorber in parallel cooper tubes design with laser welded aluminum sheet and highly selective Tinox surface (KPA1)
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Collector frame in bronze color
  • Parallel copper absorber with highly selective black chrome
  • Paralle-type absorber enables a parallel connection of collectors into large arrays

Hydraulic connection of KPS11 and KPC collectors

collector KPC

collector KPS

collector KPA 1 ALP

KPS11 and KPC collector cross section

  • Vertical as well as horizontal installation possible
  • Copper serpentine absorber with highly selective Sunselect
  • Simple collector interconnecting using one set of threaded fittings only
  • Solar prismatic glass
  • Integrated sheaths for controller probe

KPS10 Collectors

 Instalation and Operational Manual for Systems with KPS10 Collectors

Hydraulic connection of KPS collectors

KPS collector cross section

  • Collectors are installed tightly next to each other, no spaces
  • Vertical as well as horizontal installation possible
  • Double harp absorber in copper with highly selective Eta Plus
  • Solar prismatic glass

KPW Collectors

 Instalation and Operational Manual for Systems with KPW Collectors

The highly selective blue absorber coating is made of ceramics/metal compound (CERMET) and represents the best in present selective materials. The concentration of metallic particles decreases towards the surface. The surface shows a high solar absorptance and low losses by heat emission. Metal passivation together with the ceramic layer works efficiently as a diffusion barrier, also protecting the surface from corrosion. This ensures a long-time stability of solar parameters, absorption α= 95 % (± 2 %) and emissivity ε= 5% (± 2 %), and a long service life of the absorber.

Eta plus coating is made by the renowned German company BlueTec who puts emphasis on the environment protection. No harmful gases or other chemicals rise from applying the Eta coating on a copper sheet, the whole process runs without any harmful emissions. For the production of coating only about 1 kWh of energy is needed for 1 m2, and it is just 1 kWh that will be produced by each square meter of this collector during the first hour of its operation. During its lifetime, Eta plus is able to produce some 20 000 kW/m2 of clean energy gained directly from solar radiation without any CO2 emissions.Flat solar collectors KPW1 – C20 AR

  • Collectors are installed tightly next to each other, no spaces
  • Vertical as well as horizontal installation possible
  • Double harp absorber in copper with highly selective Eta Plus
  • Solar antireflection glass
  • Annual yield of 546 kWh/m2 measured by Test Lab in Würzburg
  • Winner in comparison test – 03/2009 for the most efficient solar system on the German market

Antireflection solar glass

Solar glass

Antireflection solar glass represents the best in solar glasses of today. The picture shows the incident solar radiation and its restricted reflection outwards the collector thanks to the double sided antireflection layers. Solar permeability is 96%.

KPW collector cross section

Hydraulic connection of KPW collectors

Absorber  copper / double parallel copper / double parallel
Absorber surface Eta plus Eta plus
Insulation thickness  6 cm 4 cm
Max. working pressure  10 bar 10 bar
Fluid volume 1,3 l 1,1 l
Weight  48 kg 39 kg
Glass  4 mm 4 mm
solar antireflection solar prismatic
Code 8081 8082

 Examples of solar sets with flat plate solar collectors contain connection diagrams for sets with flat plate collectors.