Solar sets

In order to cover the demand for DHW in case of a long-lasting lack of sunshine, it is necessary to combine solar heating with some traditional way of water heating. The most advantageous method is inserting a solar tank before the existing system of water heating, utilizing thus the maximum energy from the sun with minimum demand for water heating control and maintaining a comfort supply of hot water. Water afterheating can also be done directly in the solar tank; an electric heating rod with a thermostat can be inserted into any of the solar tanks offered by us. A central heating boiler can be used for afterheating twin-coil tanks or combination tanks.

Using a thermostatic mixing valve at the hot water outlet is recommended, enabling to set a maximum desired temperature of outgoing hot water. In public buildings its use is obligatory. 
When properly sized, the solar system can supply solar energy also for additional heating in low-temperature heating systems, preferably in low-energy houses. Especially in these cases, an advantageous combination with summer pool heating is a good choice. This leaflet shows examples of several possible solutions how to utilize solar energy, of course many other combinations and connections can be created.

 Examples of solar sets with flat solar collectors