IR09 regulators

Intelligent regulators IR09 are microprocessor-controlled regulators with an LCD display, easy to set up. They are designed to control large heating plants with more heat sources and more heating circuits. The installation is easy, all the probes get connected by one two-wire cable. Thanks to their gradual source switching, time control of individual zones and the possibility of using exterior and interior temperature probes, the regulators help saving energy while maintaining your temperature comfort.

  • successive switching up to 4 sources according to the conditions set
  • 4 controlled heating circuits, selectable regulation type – by indoor  or outdoor temperature (adjustable effect level)
  • sanitary water heating
  • solar collector circuit with switching into several zones (e.g. DHW  and a pool, or DHW and heating up)
  • communication with a PC or other systems
  • data temperature probes connected via a common bus (parallel connection of all temperature probes)
  • parameters are easily configurable from the regulator’s keyboard
  • all control relations are preprogrammed and stored in memory, a serviceman just enters the desired temperatures, times, heating curves
  • the model for solid-fuel fired boilers controls the min. temperature in the return line (2 independent circuits)

IR09 KTP regulator

Is designed to control large systems with solid-fuel fired boilers, wood gas, pellets and other heat sources in various connection schemes with accumulation tanks. The regulator can switch up to 4 output stages – e.g. 2 pellet-fired boilers and 2-stage electric-fired boiler. In order to prevent condensation, the regulator can control a min. temperature in the return line using motorized mixing valves (two independent circuits). The regulation is adjusted to the specific needs of solid-fuel fired boilers. The control of heating circuits, solar circuits and DHW is identical with the model IR06 TC.

Intelligent regulator IR09 KTP: 6539


IR09 TC regulator

Is designed to control inner safety and operation functions of a heat pump and simultaneously of an entire heating system. Thanks to its ability to control up to 4 mixed heating circuits, it can be used not only in applications for one-family houses but also in larger industrial systems. The regulator excels at a simple configuration of gradual switching of 3 heat sources that can work as auxiliary ones (switched only when the temperature sinks to a certain level).

Intelligent regulator IR09 TC: 6538